Ovie of Ogor Kingdom inaugurates Anchor Point Bus stop

Nov 26, 2018 | Events

The King of Ogor Kingdom, HRM Okiemute Onajite Igere 1, Ovie of Ogor Kingdom has commended the National Association of Seadogs (Pyrates Confraternity) for its huge contributions to the Kingdom..

The Monarch who spoke at a town hall meeting with the topic “Promoting and Protecting The Right to Life and the Dignity of the Human Person, A Citizen Based Approach to mark the annual Umalokun Massacre expressed appreciation for the huge contributions NAS has done to the Kingdom through its Free Medical Mission which treated over 400 people including women and children and the inauguration of a bus stop in the Kingdom.

“I did not expect this event to be like this. This is beyond my imagination. My community and my Kingdom cannot thank you people enough. What we have seen today is commendable. Yes government is trying but government has not constructed a bus stop like this for us before. NAS has shown us that you are different from other organisations. And I will sincerely urge you to continue to do this. You have impacted lives of thousands already and when you continue you would impact on millions”.

The NAS First Mate, Mr Chiemeka Ozumba who represented the NAS Capoon, Mr Emmanuel Kwaghbunde Gbahabo at the event said the construction of the bus stop was in line with an essential ingredient of NAS which is “we believe that in which ever community we find ourselves, we must strive to make the difference by identifying a problem and solve it”.

Speaking on the significance of the Umalokun Massacre, Ozumba reiterated that the motive is not to remember the hurt done to the association but to continue to advocate for the right to life of every individual.

“In December of 1983, five of our members were killed by Policemen. This sad event we mark every year and part of the marking is not to bring up the bitterness of the event but to celebrate their memory and in doing so work with the Police to promote rights to life and dignity of the human person. As part of this Umalokun remembrance in the past years, we have done different projects in different Police stations like water projects. It is about healing not about remembering the hurt done to us. That is why the topic for today’s event, promoting and protecting the right to life and the dignity of the human person, a citizen based approach”

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