Pyrates seek justice for victims of collapsed building in Uyo

Oct 7, 2022 | NAS in the News, Nigeria, Sancta Riviera

The National Association of Seadogs, Pyrates Confraternity, Sancta Riviera Deck (Uyo Chapter) has thrown its weight behind the setting up of the Akwa Ibom State Government Panel of Enquiry to probe circumstances surrounding the recent collapse of a building at Iman Street, Uyo, Akwa- Ibom State capital. According to reports the building which was under construction, collapsed, killing two people, while several others were seriously injured.

The Capoon of Sancta Riviera Deck, Michael Ekpo in a statement entitled, ‘The Collapsed Building Incident at Iman Street in Uyo’ while commiserating with families of victims, stated that its on the spot assessment indicated that the incident was “allegedly caused by patronage of quacks as the
alleged use of substandard materials by those contracted for the job manifested glaringly in the debris.”
Ekpo who also decried what he called “poor and uncoordinated” mobilization/response of the Fire Service and other agencies to the scene called for immediate establishment of an Emergency Management Commission at the state level.
While commending those who joined in the rescue of victims, he expressed worry over the prevalence of high patronage of quacks instead of qualified professionals warning that those not qualified to handle construction works should stop putting themselves forward.

Ekpo implored the Commission of Enquiry to be thorough in its investigation, adding that the people should support the advocacy of Pyrates Confraternity to rid Akwa- Ibom State of quacks in the building sector.
The statement read in part “We support the decision to set up the Akwa Ibom State Government Panel of Enquiry to probe the incident. We urge the panel to be thorough in their investigation of the cause(s) of this building collapse and ensure that those found culpable and those
producing/importing substandard building materials are brought to book in accordance with the law.
“We implore the Akwa- Ibom State Government to put legislation in place to regulate and carry out progressive assessments of elevated structures in the state as well as come up with clear policies and measures to totally eradicate quackery in the field of building construction.
“On this note, we call on all civil society groups to join us in an intensive awareness campaign to sensitize the public on the dangers of engaging the services of quacks for their building services and
vice versa.
“We also call on the Nigerian Society of Engineers (NSE) and other relevant professional bodies to make available to the public a Directory for easy access to their pool of professionals. We seize this opportunity to call on Nigerians especially residents of Akwa- Ibom State to join us in the advocacy to stop quackery in all its ramifications and save lives.”

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