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NAS International Charity (NASIC), UK Charity No. 1083403, is a charity organisation committed to favourably affecting the lives of those who lack access within their communities and of those who suffer isolation. The charity has used the "You are not alone programme" to touch the lives of a lot of people in a very positive way. In the later part of the year 2003, NASIC joined the Peabody trust for the Champions for change and the Senior Grant co-ordinator Manjeet Edwards was pleased when she said that the "You are not alone programme has been a valuable and laudable project that has championed change for a large number of people in the community that suffer from AIDS".

She was commenting on the tremendous work that NASIC did in the London South East area through their programme where AIDS sufferers who became recluse in their own homes were sensitised to become partners in combating HIV infection in the community. Aisha, one of those who went through the programme and is now a champion for others to come out of isolation said that but for the "You are not alone programme she would still be shrouded in the misery of shame, guilt and depression that affects a lot of AIDS victims".

NASIC has also used the "You are not alone programme" to inspire youths of mainly ethnic minorities in the Barking and Dagenham area to access educational and training facilities and improve their lives by showing them the joy of achievement, through organised workshops in cultural and art activities. One of the youths Alex who went through the programme said "all that I ever wanted was a break through and that's what NASIC has done for me.


Another challenge for NASIC is that of identifying displaced and isolated elderly men and women in the New Cross-area of London and offering them free dinner and entertainment every Fridayevening. This is to encourage free association among this group of people and help them give support to each other as a way of making them have a sense of belonging to the larger society. 

The Venture at hand moves continent to West Africa in Nigeria, here NASIC have taken isolated leprosy settlements and have linked their inhabitants to sources of training and development. This programme funds the education of children whose parents are afflicted by leprosy. Since education comes at a premium and these children's parents are in no position to earn income to educate their children. These children, though themselves without the disease are disregarded by society and treated as pariahs. They have been consigned to live without social support particularly education. NASIC is committed to raising funds to educate as many of these children as it can support. In this particular leprosy settlement pre- resettlement, things were so bad that the habitat of the leper colony was based on a major road were the inhabitants would beg for money at the risk of loosing their lives to un-coming vehicles.

One of the colonies youths Akin Debo is in receipt of a scholarship and is studying at a university within Nigeria sponsored by NASIC. Empowered by his new skills Akin is now on his way to ending the cycle of poverty for his family living in the colony. Others within the colony are been sponsored by NASIC in skills like Bee farming, commerce and information technology.

You can contact NASIC direct at [email protected]


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