Aqua Kanata rallies support for Women on International Women’s Day

Mar 8, 2024 | Aqua Kanata, Press Releases

In recognition of the achievements of women across the world, March 8th, is globally recognized as International Women’s Day. It doesn’t just honour the achievements of women and girls, but it also shines a light on how much work is left to be done by all of us.

The National Association of Seadogs (NAS) is an all-male organization in pursuit of a just society for all. As such, we must listen to the voices of women in terms of what they need and what they want. This includes informed decisions about their reproductive health and their right to mastery over their bodies, because they are limited by systems that have been dominated and ruled by men. They deserve to have the same unfettered access to education that their counterparts have, regardless of where they live.

In many countries, it is a foregone conclusion that only boys should be deserving of education, while girls are limited to domestic duties. Though living in North America provides educational opportunities for both genders, the underrepresentation of females in the areas of science, technology and mathematics is demonstrative of the fact that they are steered toward the arts and softer sciences. The same can be said regarding women in sport. One only need look at the disparity in the level of investment that is poured into professional sport for men, while women continue to fight to be recognized and to gain a share of the proverbial pie.

Professionally, women fight to earn leadership roles and opportunities for professional growth, once again limiting their earning potential. In order to level the playing field, organizations need to recruit skilled women, as well as provide them with opportunities for training and development. It is only by doing so, that they can be equipped to compete for the leadership roles they are often passed over for. The plight of Black, Indigenous and Persons of Colour (BIPOC) – girls and women is even more critical.

While recognizing the countless accomplishments of women and girls on International Women’s Day is important, it is not enough. To truly show a commitment to gender equality and advance the achievement of women, the systems that support the ongoing oppression of women and girls need to be dismantled. With NAS, as a predominantly male organization, it is incumbent upon us to join.

So, let’s not limit our support to only one day, and end the divisiveness. Let’s work together to inspire the inclusion of women and girls in all areas of society. Let’s listen to what women need and learn from them to make the change necessary to not only uplift women, but all of us in striving for gender equality.

Teddyson Osa Iyonmana

Capoon, Aqua Kanata


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