The Pyrates Creed- The Pyratical aims of fighting all social ills and conformist degradation within and outside our midst stand supreme. These are translated into the creed which is supposed to act as a guide to our acts and thoughts and to the solutions to dilemmas that may face us in making choices in life. There are four compass points whose function is to give us founding principles upon which to direct our lives: The following quotes are from the NAS handbook

Against Moribund Convention

Convention means Complacency, Conservatism and Stagnation. It is anti-INITIATIVE, anti-IMAGINATION, anti-CREATIVITY. "This is how our fathers used to do it" is the unthinking excuse of the lazy, unadventurous mind. Bribery or "cola" is also Convention. Land grabbing, land speculation, land monopoly in the midst of the landless masses is also Convention. Acquisitiveness, "Propertymania", "O-wanbeism", is also Convention. Down then with Convention. Raise the banner of REVITALISATION.

Against Tribalism

Which goes also for what went under the camouflage of the Party System. Wherever Party = Partisanship = Tribalism = Clannishness = Statism = Atavism and all other forms of narrow throw-backism. FIGHT it! Stand outside it as an independent unit and march with ideas, which cut across petty alliances.

For Humanistic Ideals

No slave to dogma. Simply placing Man at the centre of word, thought and deed. Thinking and acting for the community of man - village, city, school, college, nation, continent-wide. Refuse to be blinded by slogans, dissecting what are hidden behind seductive formulae. Asking instead: what's in it for Man? For him and the community of his kind? Ask what you can do to raise that community to the highest level of fulfilment.

For Comradeship and Chivalry

It means that sense of obligation, moral, communal, humane which makes the strong, the privileged, the informed protect the weak, the under-privileged and the uninformed. Not: "My Mercedes is bigger than yours , so get out of my way!" My Kawasaki is the ultimate in machismo, so watch me "buzz" the mini-scooter into the gutter and scatter men and fowl alike!" "I control a student journal, show me fear or I'll show you hell!" "As for women, surrender to me or I'll libel you with my fantasies!" "Dig man. AM I NOT GREAT?" ANSWER: COMRADESHIP AND CHIVALRY reject: " To him who hath, more shall be given" and proclaim instead "TO HIM WHO HATH NOT, ALL SHALL BE PROVIDED" . Thus we move to destroy ELITISM!

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