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NAS Membership Application 2022-23


  • Fill out ALL fields accurately. Applications will be shortlisted based on the way you have filled in your details.
  • Do NOT enter P.O.Box or P.M.B Addresses - your form will not be processed!
  • Make sure you enter the address of the house you live - not your village house or any other house.
  • Select the Local Governmet Area (LGA) and State of where you live, not your State or LGA of origin
  • Currently, these are the countries that we are processing applications from:
    - Australia, Botswana, Canada, England, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, New Zealand, Nigeria, Scotland, South Africa, Switzerland, USA, Wales
  • Application is open to ONLY University/Polytechnic/College Graduates!

Bio Data

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Enter address details of where you live/reside on a daily basis

Tell us about Yourself

Enter your social media handles

Enter the username or handle of each social media platform you have used within the last five years.
Please do not provide your passwords. 
If you have not had any social media presence in the last five years, select "No".

Background Information

If you answer Yes to any of the questions, provide sufficient details in the comment section.

Employment Information

Please read below and accept the terms to complete application

  1. I understand that the data I have provided can be used to process my application.
  2. I consent to organisations, both within and outside Nigeria including law enforcement agencies, providing information to the National Association of Seadogs when requested in relation to this application.
  3. I understand that any false information given will lead to refusal of the application, ban from future applications and possible prosecution.
  4. I grant the National Association of Seadogs and/or any of its chapters the right to use the information provided by me in this application for the purpose of contacting me now and in the future with regards to my membership application and any such other purposes.
  5. The information in this application is correct, complete, and verifiable.