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Evolution of the Pyrates Confraternity

From the pioneering base of University of Ibadan, the philosophies and movement grew and was exported to other institutions of higher learning that were emerging. The attraction to its objectives and accomplishments was such that it was to grow exponentially. By 1978, there were a total of 18 branches with thousands of members having passed through membership. The unique feature was that these members were or had passed through various universities in Nigeria at the time.

On 31 October 1980 the organisation was formally registered with the Nigerian Federal Ministry of Internal Affairs under the Land (Perpetual Succession) Act Cap 98 with the name "National Association of Seadogs” RC No 1592. The variation in the original name was to reflect both the larger national outlook and incorporate an essential ingredient of the concept of seadogs as part of the visible identity.

However, by the early 1970s, unsavory behavior of several imitator organizations began to emerge from the various campuses. Although they claimed to be fraternities, their behavior became so disturbing that, on 28 July 1984, in order to protect its integrity, NAS closed down all in-campus, student branches of the organization. The process of entry into the organization was realigned and streamlined over the years. For the past 15 years, new members, in country, are now derived only from university graduates who have completed national service under the National Youth Service Scheme.

NAS in the 21st Century

Today, NAS has evolved from a campus confraternity to a community focused, advocacy organisation with over 55 branches spread across Nigeria, South Africa, Europe, Asia, America and Canada. In addition to its other activities, it remains dedicated to social advocacy, humanitarian and charitable endeavours within and outside Nigeria or whatever society in which the members find themselves. The organisation has placed at the disposal of the society, its huge professional membership in virtually all areas of professional endeavour. Its membership can be found in various aspects of societal life within and outside Nigeria including the government and the private sector. Its willingness to help society reconstruct and to build is, and remains, an asset which society can and has been freely exploiting.

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