NAS Free Medical Mission - Dakibiu Village, Jabi, Abuja

The NAS Free Medical mission is a quarterly community service program where NAS offers free medical treatment for non-referral ailments to indigent members of pre-selected underserved communities.This quarter's (Feb-April 2019) medical mission held on May 3, 2019 at the community primary school, Dakibiu Village, Jabi, Abuja.

This program was implemented by the National Association of Seadogs, Pyrates Confraternity, in collaboration with the Federal Capital Territory Primary Healthcare Board. In total, 342 patients had consultation and recieved treatment, while 55 were only checked up. In addition, 16 children recieved OPV vaccination and other antigens.

The age range of the patients attended to was from under 2 months to 80 years.

Breakdown of services rendered:

•Medical consultation
•Laboratory services
•Health education

In the course of the program, NAS Exco members paid a courtesy/ famuluarization visit to the traditional ruler of the host community, Mallam Ishaku Lamishi (Dakacin Dakibiu), who gave an insight into how the community, though located less than 10 km from Abuja metropolis has no primary healthcare facility or any other government presence and how they have galvanised to provide basic amenities inspite of the daunting challenges.

Paediatric cases are prevalent in Dakibiu Village as a result of their population of about 6,000 residents not having a Primary Healthcare Centre. Hence, minor ailments such as malaria (129 cases were treated at the mission) go untreated.

Consequent upon the interaction between the NAS Exco members and the community leaders, forward action would include, but not limited to structured advocacy to ensure a Primary Healthcare facility is established within the community.

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 Photograph by @odunzekid

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