Tri-Zonal FOB Lecture

The three UK chapters of National Association of Seadogs (NAS) held their first tri-zonal Feast of Barracuda (FOB) on the 16th March, 2013 at the K2 building of London South Bank University conference centre.

Theme: Ethnicity & Health: A Critical Review of Afro-Caribbean/Asian Health Issues


• Dr Cal Amayo
• Dr John Akumabor
• Dr Adewunmi Ogunseye
• Dr Ijeoma Asiwe

Dr Cal Amayo's lecture concentrated on "Diabetes and lifestyle changes". This lecture covered the following areas;

• Why diabetes? Is it Modifiable?
• Diagnosis and Screening
• Causes of diabetes
• Risk factors
• Risk Reduction and prevention
• Diets
• Exercises
• Weight reduction

Dr John Akumabor's lecture concentrated on Hypertension. The lecture covered the following areas;

• What is Hypertension?
• Causes of Hypertension
• What Hypertension can causes
• Healthy lifestyle and preventive measures

The third speaker Dr Adewunmi Ogunseye's lecture focused on Mental Illness. Some of the areas covered included;

• What is mental illness?
• Some of the causes of mental Illness
• Diagnosis and treatment

Click here to download lecture notes for A critical review of Afro-Caribbean & Asian health issues-Hypertension

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