Budget 2009 is not right

There are several pitfalls in the 2009 Federal Budget. The most scandalous of this has resulted in the unwarranted haggling over inclusion of constituency projects in the Appropriation Bill. The so-called constituency projects are at once a ransom demanded by federal legislators and a sop conceded by the federal executive arm that is being falsely presented as an understanding to ensure prompt passage of the budget:


We have done it again, in the land of the giants. Giant of Africa, that is. For me as a Nigerian although living in Europe, it is a sad day. Sad day that the people of Nigeria’s voice have finally been declared irrelevant. Considering the malpractices in the 2007 elections, it is hard for me to say who won the election, just like most people with sane mind and as observed by the international communities.


The Challenge of the Nigerian Nation
By Andrew Obinna Onyearu

On assumption of office on 29 May 2007, President Umaru Musa Yar’Adua expressed the view that upholding the rule of law was a corner stone of the manner in which his government will undertake the responsibility of governance.


The Issue of Discrimination, Ethnicity and National Integration in Nigeria

By Roy Chikwem

There has been much said and written about Nigeria, her people and culture. However, little is known to the outside world about the issue of ethnicity, tribalism, discrimination and national integration in Nigeria. Nigeria is comprised of more than 250 ethnic groups.

Good Governance, A Desiderata For Popular Democracy

By Prince Charles Dickson

During the week the House of Representatives Committee on Power drilled players in that sector, while it lasted the whole thing was no more than a drama. We saw the pitiable defence put up by Imoke and Agagu for Obasanjo while we saw how some of the problems within the power sector came about.

Uncovering the battle for power in Imo State

Governor Ohakim Begins Moves to Decamp to PDP
By Roy Chikwem

Governor Ikedi OhakimThe Progressive Peoples Alliance (PPA) has emerged as a powerful political party since they won the gubernatorial elections in 2007. The PPA was formed by the immediate past Governor Orji Uzor Kalu of Abia State as an alternative to the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP). 

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