Bankole’s Fear of the Unknown. Behind The Figure By Ijeoma Nwogwugwu

At the instance of the Presidential Task Force on Power, a meeting was held two Wednesday’s ago between members of the task force and the leadership of the House of Representatives to brief the latter on the road map for the power sector reform programme. During the course of the meeting, Dimeji Bankole, speaker of the House, breezed in mid-stream, staying all of five minutes.

In those precious few minutes that he gave the task force, he made it clear that he had issues with the road map being implemented by the federal government. According to him, the road map did not have the input of the House of Representatives, nor did the government deem it necessary to consult stakeholders before formulating the roadmap. Using one such stakeholder as the perfect fodder, Bankole stated that no consideration was being given to importers and suppliers of generators, which by his estimate is a billion dollar industry that needs to be protected.

Washington Post: How Africa won the World Cup - By Dayo Olopade

JOHANNESBURG -- The first African World Cup didn't belong to Africa, at least not on the soccer field. Of the six African nations that made it to the quadrennial tournament, five fell early -- to indiscipline, tough competitors and heartbreaking missed opportunities. The plucky and focused Black Stars from Ghana were a bright spot for the continent, but when Sunday's final is over, the new FIFA champion will not be African.

Two Parties in a Little Space

“Dividends of democracy” is a frequently misused political parlance. Those in government claim they are delivering “dividends” in response to people’s expectations in a democratic dispensation. So when a government constructs one-kilometre road even without a drainage system, it proudly proclaims delivery of  “dividends of democracy”.

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