SARS Dissolution: The Need for Police Reform

Thank You IGP. #EndSARS Must in Action Be The End of Police Impunity.

We have received the just announced dissolution of the Special Anti Robbery Squad SARS by the Inspector General of Police with considerable contentment. This is an acknowledgement that the voice of the masses matter and should continue to matter in the light of the continued protests against the brutality and impunity that SARS became known for.

While we thank the IGP for listening to the people, it is our opinion that beyond this appreciated gesture, concrete actions will speak louder than announcements. It is therefore pertinent that the The Police command further:

1. Directs police officers on the street to stop shooting at innocent protesters expressing their human rights.

2. Seeks and finds justice and compensation for all the victims of the past few days of police brutality against unarmed protesters.

3. Provides concrete plans on the deep and incisive police reforms to replace impunity with professionalism and truly make the Nigerian Police a world class outfit.

SARS must not be shut down only in words. The dreadful impunity that has unfortunately defined this must not be given another cycle of abuse of citizens and human rights in the stamp of another terminology. #EndSARS must truly mean #EndSARS.

We welcome the idea of a Citizens’ and Strategic Stakeholders’ Forum and hope that this will be an all inclusive forum. We look forward to making representations to the Investigation Team that is expected to honestly include civil society organizations and human rights bodies to work with the Police in investigating alleged cases of human rights violations.

Rest assured that with sincerity and purpose on the path of the police command, and the thousands of police men and women who do their jobs professionally, the citizens are indeed ever ready to embrace a professional police force as a true friend of the people.

Abiola Owoaje
NAS Cap’n