The Seminal Satire of What Pyrates Sing About

The attention of the National Association of Seadogs (Pyrates Confraternity) has been drawn to a viral video posted by a Nigerian politician with a cheeky rider: ‘everyone loves Dino..... even pirates (sic).

The Pyrates song is not a frivolous exercise of the panygerics of owambeism, already rejected, when our seven founders sayled first at Tedder Hall Quadrangle in the University College, Ibadan led by Wole Soyinka, the dogged human rights activist we know as CB of Tortuga.

“The Pyrates song is a whistle blower conveying by means of songs, all the misdeeds that have taken place or is taking place within the society. The sing-sang in many ways deconstructs society and events that occur within it and orients its message towards radical social change. It is in this wise that the pyratical sing-sang bears the testimony of social relevance and Critical Social Theory.” (Culled from the book - Pyrate Songs: A Discourse on the Music of the National Association of Seadogs as Critical Social Theory).

Our songs tell a story to stimulate discourse and effect the needed societal change. They are creatively composed from the depressing and unfortunate political leadership that for years has not served Nigeria and Nigerians well. Music plays an important role in the transformation of society. Pyrates develop melodious songs with distinct rhythm and satirical lyrics to deplore ills in the society while advocating for a responsible and responsive political leadership and public conduct. The nuance of these lyrics is often mistaken by the non-initiate.

Pyrate songs are far from sycophantic tunes. The satirical stanzas of the Pyrate song rebuke poor governance, critique failed policies and ineffectual programmes; condemn corruption and impunity; denounce godfatherism; protest oppression while advocating for good governance. Our lyrical ballads speak of deeper concerns for sober reflection on the sorry state poor leadership has, sadly, reduced Nigeria to.

As an apolitical and non-partisan organisation, our songs objectively critique and reject “Partisanship, Tribalism, Clannishness, Statism, Atavism and all other forms of narrow throw-backism. (We) Stand outside it as an independent unit and march with ideas, which cut across petty alliances.” This is reflected in a song with lyrics that sing:

NPN say na one nation 
UPN say free education 
I’m a Pyrate, against convention 
Know your compass points 
And be rugged

SDP say a little to the left
NRC say a little to the right
I’m a Pyrate, against convention
Know your compass points
And be rugged

As an organisation in tune with disadvantaged and voiceless people, we are committed to the enthronement of a just society in which political leaders are answerable to the people.

We are determined to continue to use our social programmes, intellectual platforms and our compelling songs to advocate for good governance and accountability!


Abiola Owoaje
NAS Cap’n

August 6th, 2020

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