Police Commissioner Marvel Akpoyibo was never a “Pyrate”

Police Commissioner Marvel Akpoyibo was never a “Pyrate”. The National Association of Seadogs (NAS) is not a Cult.

The attention of the National Association of Seadogs (a.k.a.Pyrates’ Confraternity) was drawn to the Daily Sun publication of Monday 8th September, 2008 where Mr. Marvel Akpoyibo (Commissioner of Police Lagos State) was reported to have made startling and spell-binding confession of his adventures into the cult and occult world in search of power and protection. As part of his adventures, the said publication reported that Mr. Akpoyibo claimed to have been "a member of the Pyrates while in school…”The news report by Christy Anyanwu was titled: “My Sojourn in the Occult World – Lagos Police Boss”.

We believe that admission or confession of wrong doing or guilt requires courage from the individual and is indeed the first condition for genuine reconciliation. The steps taken by the Police commissioner Marvel Akpoyibo to publicly embrace Christ, and shunning Occultism and agents of darkness is indeed a very bold step.  On those bases Mr. Akpoyibo ought to be commended for his courage. Nevertheless it has become necessary for us as a responsible corporate organization to set the records straight by clarifying some issues concerning an alleged claim of an existing relationship between Police Commissioner Marvel Akpoyibo and our noble organization, The National Association of Seadogs (NAS) also known as the Pyrates’ Confraternity.

We are an International charitable and humanitarian organization registered as a responsible corporate entity, dedicated to humanitarian and charitable endeavours within Nigeria and whatever society our members find themselves. Membership is open to Nigerians and those with Nigerian interests at heart who strive to fight social ills and conformist degradation within and outside any system. At present, we have no presence whatsoever in any higher educational institution in Nigeria and as such we do not extend membership of our organization to students. The minimum qualification for entry is the NYSC Discharge Certificate or its equivalent for non Nigerians outside the shores of the country.” The National Association of Seadogs (NAS) is a non-political, non–religious, detribalized body. Our primary aim is the upholding of human dignity and the promotion of a just, humane and progressive society, where no one is a victim of color, race, sex, tribe or beliefs.” Let it be stated unequivocally that the Pyrates Confraternity is not an occult, has never been an occult and will never be an occult body. Anyone who requires detailed information about our great Confraternity is welcome to visit our website:


The sensational nature of the coverage of the said story which tended to link NAS to occultism and an existential relationship with Mr. Akpoyibo is unacceptable to us as it appears to smear the image of our organization and its members. The wide circulation of the Daily Sun and its online outreach worldwide is the reason we have decided not to ignore but to respond to the story in this manner because no responsible organization will sit down and fold its arms while its image and reputation and those of its members are driven to the mud. However, anyone who really wants to carry out background enquiries on Mr. Akpoyibo’s activities as an undergraduate student of the University of Benin should visit the relevant online source, web link & Encyclopedia:


We have waited for one week for Mr. Akpoyibo to deny that he made the claim credited to him that he was a member of our organization but he has failed and neglected to do so. We are even more worried by the fact that in the said confession he never mentioned the real group which he actually belonged to. Why he would shield that group while unjustly dragging our name into his affairs, which had absolutely nothing to do with us is a matter for concern. We are therefore constrained, for our name sake and for the sake of the unsuspecting public to put the records straight.

(1). That Mr. Akpoyibo is NOT and was never a member of the National Association of Seadogs a.k.a (Pyrates Confraternity).However our records
show that he tried as an undergraduate student of the University of Benin to join our organization. He was however unsuccessful. It is listed as
public records that the born again Police Commissioner Mr. Marvel Akpoyibo was indeed one of the Nine Founding Fathers of the Neo Black Movement of Africa otherwise known as Axe Men on campuses.

(2). We are NOT a secret cult and have never been one. We are NOT an occult group, either. As a matter of fact any person who is into occultist practices has absolutely no place among us. We do not give powers or spiritual protection as we have no shrine; we are not a spiritual outfit and we are neither a church nor affiliated to any religious or spiritual outfit.

(3). At no time therefore has NAS in its principles and practices (since 1952) come anywhere near occultism, blood-letting or such other anti-social practices (which by the way diminish rather than purify the human person).

(4). The constituency of NAS is not restricted to Nigeria but the entire community of man. That explains why we have over the years poured our energies into programs and projects meant to alleviate the sufferings of humanity within and outside Nigeria. These efforts include our SAVE DARFUR project (run in collaboration with several international organizations); observance of electoral processes across the world; including Nigeria; full participation in the establishment and initial operation of the Federal Road Safety Scheme; active and wide ranging activities in the cause of destitutes and motherless babies, etc.

(5). It is quite significant that NAS is very well-received worldwide, with over 30 chapters in and outside Nigeria. In addition, this same NAS has an international charity outfit -National Association of Seadogs International Charity (NASIC) which exists and operates like the Red Cross society.

Finally, lecturing on “The role of the Media in combating Campus Cultism” Eddie Iroh had the following to say about the Pyrates Confraternity (when it existed on Campus).

“Those who know will confirm that the Pirates (sic) … were more or less a sorority like you would find in any American Campus…. They demanded a voice in all matters that affected students and were not afraid to make their voices heard. But quite significantly, the Pirates (sic) did not operate in secrecy, members were openly known, although they were an exclusive band of brothers…” “In my research, I found no evidence or record of them committing murder or arson.”

“Indeed the Pirate Night was only next to Havana Night in form and festivities” (The Guardian, Wednesday, September 10 2008, page 14)

Yet Eddie Iroh is not a Pyrate. We rest our case.




Mr. Steve Ehimhen
Director of Information
National Association of Seadogs (NAS)

September 17, 2008