17 September, 2006 - GLOBAL DAY FOR DARFUR: Let Us Stop This Genocide

On September 17, 2006 the world, through various international humanitarian organisations will stand up on the side of the Darfuri people to put pressure on Governments and the international community to protect the civilians in this part of Sudan. The region has continued to be overwhelmed by killings, mass displacement of people, rape and unequalled abuse of children. The genocidal acts presently on display in the Western Sudanese region of Darfur is a further proof of “man’s inhumanity against man” which unfortunately did not receive, early enough, the desirable international intervention it rightly deserves. With no small thanks to the persistent call for intervention on the parts of United Nations and African Union by human rights organisations, the world is beginning to realize and treat the Darfur situation as ‘a time bomb waiting to explode’.

Hundreds of thousand people have been and continued to be displaced. Many have died while many more will for the rest of their lives carry the scars of an unnecessary crisis that at best was perpetuated by the Sudanese government. A government with vested interest in the Darfur crisis that has repeatedly shied away from the execution of various ‘peace agreements’ the latest of which was signed on May 5, 2006.

As the triumph of evil continues to manifest itself in Darfur, the world again is on the brink of a revisit to the ignored warnings of the 1994 Rwanda genocide with the lukewarm attitude towards a decisive line of action for and against the victims and Sudanese government respectively.

The UN resolution to send its troops to Darfur is a welcome development that has met a brick wall of resistance from the Sudanese government. The AU, who hitherto have done their best as peacekeepers, albeit heavily under-equipped, undermanned and have been overwhelmed trying to keep watch over an area the size of France, will have its mandate come to an end on September 30, 2006. They have already been asked to withdraw by the Sudanese Government who will undoubtedly replace them by an already biased Sudanese government army. Some member nations of the AU like Nigeria have in fact totally repatriated their troops from Darfur. A situation which makes it easier for the Janjaweed to further perpetuate its nefarious activities to continue their looting, maiming, raping, killing of innocent civilians in Darfur with tacit support from the Sudanese government.

In the words of the UN secretary general, Mr. Kofi Annan, ’continued blocking of UN intervention by Sudan could leave Sudan’s leaders open to be held collectively and individually responsible for what happens to the population in Darfur’. The world cannot and should not take such stand as this. What Darfur needs is an immediate and precise action on the part of governments and people to put a final stop to the living horrors of Dafuris.

NAS International will on September 17, 2006 join the Darfur Consortium, a coalition of international humanitarian organisation, to call on the good people of the world to bring the cry for action for Darfur to our governments, and call for decisive action on the part of the African Union against the Sudan government for its continued prevention of UN intervention. It is not and cannot be enough to hold the Sudanese leaders responsible for a genocide we can stop.

National Association of Seadogs call on Nigerians from all walks of life to say a prayer for Darfur. Wear a “BLUE HAT” depicting the UN symbol of peace keeping on September 17, 2006.

Darfur should not become another ignored warning of genocide and displacement of a well trampled upon people. Darfur is a genocide we can stop – we cannot afford to have another Rwanda.


NAS Capone
National Association of Seadogs (NAS)

September 11, 2006